Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Welcome to the summer edition of the G&F magazine

The magazine will soon be on sale in the Felsham and PO Stores price £3
The G&F – the community magazine written by and for the people of Gedding and Felsham. 
The magazine is published twice a year and provides a means for local people to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas.  This edition has a largely historical flavour with original articles and features covering many centuries of history in our two villages.  Some of the articles may be helpful in providing ideas for people interested in entering the design competition for the proposed Felsham Village Sign.  In addition to the historical items there is a fascinating feature on the Compiegne Twining organisation and its recent visit to France.  There is also a very interesting article on barn owls in Felsham.

To reflect the historical flavour of this edition of the G&F the cover shows a postcard picture of Felsham Upper Green photographed around 1930.  This photograph is also featured on the home page of the Felsham & Gedding History Group website that can be found at http://felshamhc.onesuffolk.net/  This website contains much that will fascinate villagers interested in local history.


Past & Present:  Felsham Upper Green and Bury Road

Introduction, contents and acknowledgements

Poetry and Gardening: Irises  

History: The Felsham Shop 1900 to 1940

History: A Summer Excursion to Gedding Church

Twinning: Compiegne

Felsham & Gedding History Group: The Reading Room

History:  The Felsham Fair

History:  The Chamberlains of Gedding Hall

Ornithology: “Billy Wix” - the Barn Owl

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