Sunday, 21 July 2013

Felsham & Gedding History Quiz, August 2013


Henry VII, Lord of the Manor, Gedding c. 1494

  1. Rev Thomas Anderson

  2. Sir John Tilley

  3. Yewlands         

  4. It is really two fonts: the base of the octagonal font was the top part of another older mid-14th century font.

  5. Mrs Cole who kept excellent Suffolk red and white cows

  6. Red Polls

  7. Mr W H Ince

  8. The Live and Let Live

  9. The 1880s

  10. It was a small window through which villagers suffering from leprosy might watch services at a safe distance from other worshippers.

  11. Mrs Anderson

  12. In the Reading Room by the Rectory

  13. “The Coker”

  14. In 1268, Felsham was granted the right to hold an annual fair and a weekly market?

  15. Maidenhall farm

  16. Henry VII after the execution for treason of the previous Lord of the Manor - Sir Robert Chamberlyn

  17. In 1836, William and Mary Gill with their nine children were sent to work for a notorious Lancashire mill owner called William Hulton.

  18. Baldewin

  19. 1450s

  20. 10 shillings (the equivalent of a week’s wages for a Felsham farm labourer)

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